Thursday, July 28, 2011


Had the chance to photograph a litter of American Eskimo Puppies the other day. Oh my goodness, can you say the the cutest puppies ever! Big balls of fluffy white fur, full of energy and happiness. Makes a girl want to save it up for gloomy rainy day.

We always start out with one.

Then we try adding another.

And another....

But sometimes, they just don't listen. Hey, get back here!

Until we get them all lined up. (For a moment anyway.)

Who has more fun?!

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unkamartin said...

Just adorable!!

Danielle Christensen said...

I still cant believe you got so many great pics of the pups in under 10 minutes! You certainly have a way with animals, because I know it wasnt me who was able to get all four of them to sit long enough for this to happen!