Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wild Bill and Mr. Fugly.

This fellow's name is Wild Bill. He gets that name as he has quite the way with the ladies. He is a white Leghorn Rooster. He would like to think that he is top dog as it were, but he is not. 

That honor goes to his fellow. Mr. Fugly. We don't know what he is. His mother hatched him out and his dad could have been any number of roosters we had at the time. Poor Mr, Fugly, He may not be much to look at, but the ladies love him and he is the king of all he sees. Even the dogs leave him alone.

 A few more of Wild Bill. He spends a lot of time talking the big talk, but will run away if Mr. Fugly comes around. 

One of the ladies they spend so much time fighting over. Her name is Grace. All of the speckled hens like her are named Grace. All  of the red ones are named Ruth. All the white ones are named Gladys. And all the ducks are named Richard. Don't laugh, It just makes thing easier.

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